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BODY STRESS RELEASE (BSR) assists the body in its in-built ability to maintain and heal itself.

Body Stress Release is a gentle procedure, where areas of body stress are located, using the body as a biofeedback monitor.

Light, precise stimulation encourages the body to release stored tensions, which usually manifest as backache, headaches, postural distortions or fatigue.

Releasing is rapid, but if stress has been stored for a long time, more releases may be required over a period of time.


Having been a migraine and headache sufferer for most of my life, and after trying absolutely everything to find a solution to end the many hours of discomfort, despair and pain, I decided to try Body Stress Release on recommendation from a work colleague, choosing to address the cause rather than the effect.

As I have always had a yearning to work with people in a healing capacity, after only my second BSR session, I decided this was for me. After serious contemplation, I decided to apply for the annual 5 month course held at the BSR Academy in Rondevlei on the Garden Route in the Cape – the only place in the world where this unique non-therapeutic complementary health technique is taught, under the professional and thorough tuition by Drs Ewald and Gail Meggersee with 30 year’s experience.

After being selected as one of 25 students world-wide, I took the plunge and ended my 20 year career in the travel industry, and started my new life-changing journey.

To my relief, the headaches have steadily lessened, and I have not had to resort to pain-killers on a regular basis as before. I have learnt that the Wisdom of the Body is a gentle force to be reckoned with, that healing is a process, that our magnificent physical structures deserve to be honoured and respected and that it is our own personal responsibility to take care of this self-healing entity, our most valuable asset.

I look forward to a fulfilling and enriching future, assisting folk with compassion and a sincere belief that BSR can offer hope in their world.

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BSR Worldwide
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