My Story Aug 2012

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My Story

I’m Faith Burrows, I am 14 years old! I am a total horse mad person, I love riding horses and I work at the stables I work at. 5 years ago I fell off a horse, I hurt my knee pretty badly in the fall (but then I didn’t know how to ride). I left it, not actually knowing then that I had hurt my knee. Later on, about 3 years later my knee started hurting when I did certain sports like athletics and netball, the thing was I was a sprinter and I played on the A team for my age group for netball!! My gran had being going to a homeopath that introduced her to a lady called Mrs Heapy, who worked at the health centre and did Body Stress Release. My gran booked me for an appointment and I went. I found out I had a little bit of whiplash in my neck, I had stress in between the middle and lower part of my back, in my knee and in my feet. The session made me feel so sleepy after I was finished, I just wanted to sleep and my body was aching a bit. Kathy recommended 3 sessions. I found it has helped me SO much and the pain that I had in between the middle and lower part of my back is now gone. I still have to wear my knee guard when I play netball but other than that, everything feels so much better now that I’ve done the Body Stress Release and I encourage all of you to think about going for it as well!

Faith (Aug 2012)

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