Surgery Avoided, Client Delighted!

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Client Avoids Surgery!

I thought I needed surgery. Before going to Kathy Heapy from Body Stress Release:

I had numbness in my two fingers on my right hand side it was a of and on sensation feeling.
While walking my right leg used to lose feeling in it.
I have severe sinus and lower back pain.
I was getting a sharp pain on the right shoulder joint.
The doctor said I needed to go for an operation which would take me 6 weeks to recover from.

After Kathy started doing the Body Stress Release, after two sessions I felt a lot of difference. I don’t get those sharp pain in my shoulder and the numbness in my two fingers on my right anymore. My legs are fine as well.
Kathy has worked wonders in helping me with all the problems I was experiencing in my body.

I recommend Kathy to my friends, family and to whoever I come across. I know that you and your body can benefit from the Body Stress Release.

It has really opened my eyes as I used to think that only a doctor can make you feel better.

Thank you Kathy for all your help.

Much appreciated,

Reagan Subroyal

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