Case Studies

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  CASE STUDIES “Two things I will never give up – eating and BSR!” exclaimed a client who finds her BSR sessions so beneficial after her masectomy and chemo therapy sessions.   How gratifying to hear that the two month … Continued

The Neck

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The Neck THE STRUCTURE In the cervical spine there are seven vertebrae, forming a natural forward curve. The vertebral bodies are joined by the inter-vertebral discs which have a tough outer rim of cartilage and a jelly-like centre. The discs … Continued

The Mid and Upper Back

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The Mid and Upper Back STRUCTURES There are twelve thoracic (or dorsal) vertebrae in this area, with twelve pairs of ribs forming the rib cage which contains the heart and lungs. At the front of the body the upper ten … Continued

The Lower Back

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The Lower Back THE CAUSES OF BODY STRESS The jarring effect of accidents and falls may cause body stress to become locked into the lower back. Also, heavy or incorrect lifting or bending may strain ligaments and muscles and result … Continued


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Maintenance Body stress occurs when the body fails to adapt to an overload of stress and tension becomes stored in physical structures. The causes may be mechanical, mental/emotional or chemical factors. WHY DO PEOPLE SEEK BODY STRESS RELEASE CARE? Most … Continued

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