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“Two things I will never give up – eating and BSR!” exclaimed a client who finds her BSR sessions so beneficial after her masectomy and chemo therapy sessions.


How gratifying to hear that the two month old baby girl that was struggling with colic has improved dramatically sincer her BSR session!


‘You played a part in our miracle, and I will be forever grateful to you!” responded a mother when forwarding a pic of their beautiful bouncing boy of 6 monhs to me today – how gratifying that BSR can make such a difference in lives.


“I’ve lived the benefits and I cherish our sacred time together.  When it happens BSR with you is a joyous roller-coaster to be riding, where the good and bad is balanced and the end result – priceless.”


“My body feels like a whole different body after BSR!” exclaimted a 14 year old who was brought to me with painful knees.

A mother brought her 12 year old son to my practice for BSR as he was struggling with concentration at school. When he returned for his follow-up session today, she couldn’t wait to tell me that she had received an e-mail from his very shocked school teacher to advise that he had requested to sit in during break time in order to complete his school work! When she questioned him his response was ‘I don’t know what came over me!’. After the first session mother remarked that he ‘had had the best sleep ever’ and kept on telling her how happy he felt. And you ask me why my occupation is so rewarding?? Needless to say I am still smiling

‘I am eternally grateful’ remarked a client after experiencing immense relief from hip pain.

‘Hi Kathy, BIG improvement in the lower back these last few days, despite skiing on Saturday and Sunday. Simply magic, thank you!’

{Not only can Body Stress Release assist the body in its recovery from and prevention of injury, freedom from stored tension allows increased energy and flexibility, enhancing performance potential in sportspeople.}

The headaches, still come every now and again, but always manageable.. Never a full-on outbreak as before, so that’s great!”
(An e-mail received from a lady from Sweden who visited me on two occasions whilst she was in SA on holiday, she has been a chronic migraine sufferer in the past).

A 62-year old gentleman visited my practice suffering from vertigo. After only one release, all symptoms of vertigo disappeared. He now visits me on a regular basis for maintenance sessions.

A mother brought her 9-year-old little boy to me, although he was diagnosed as a candidate for Ritalin, his mother felt that he was a sensitive child, and could benefit from BSR. After only one session, he returned to advise that “he could now sleep alone, and felt light and free”. He is due for an assessment and I look forward to the results.

A lady came to me with a very sensitive neck as a result of cervical spondylosis of the C4 – C7. After a few sessions, her lower back felt very sensitive and I explained to her that the pain in her neck could be referred pain from her lower back. She has diligently seen the process through, and today comes for regular maintenance visits and is pain-free. She also sees the benefit of doing the recommended tummy exercises first thing every morning, and is benefitting tremendously from them. She is a firm believer of Body Stress Release and recommends this gentle and effective health technique at every opportunity! She also reports back that it has assisted her with her hot flushes!

A music publisher who loves to sail in his leisure time, came to me with severe sciatic pain. After two sessions, he cancelled the third session, as the pain had disappeared completely. Three months down the line, he called me sheepishly explaining that the pain had returned with a vengeance, and he apologised for not seeing the recommended three sessions through. He returned for another two sessions, and the pain has gone. He has promised to make every effort to return for maintenance visits from now on!

A lady came to see me with severe lower back pain. She had had a fusion a couple of years before of her lower lumbars, and had experienced pain ever since. I attended to her only on three occasions as she was in the process of immigrating to Australia. She was literally dumbfounded at how her body responded to the BSR sessions, and she was without lower back ache for the first time in years. She experienced quite a radical emotional release at the time, which could indicate the extent of the trauma her body had gone through due to the surgery. She has promised to continue with her maintenance sessions with a BSR practitioner in Victoria where she is now living. She is also intending taking her young baby for BSR as she suffers with constipation.

An elderly lady was referred to me by her homeopath as she had severe restricted movement of her neck. After experiencing BSR, she now enjoys full mobility of her neck and has her own copy of Self-Healing Through Body Stress Release by Dr Gail Meggersee to refer to.

A mother brought her 16-year-old to my practice complaining of painful knees which was bothersome, especially as she was preparing for a ballet exam. After receiving Body Stress Release, the pain in her knees has gone.

”Have been great so far. Very few aches and pains thanks to you! Keep up the good work!” 75-year-old client and an avid walker. after three BSR sessions.

A 10-year-old was brought to me suffering from anxiety and growing pains. After her first session, her mother returned exclaiming that the change in her daughter was “unbelievable”. Her whole demeanor had changed, she was bright eyed and smiling, a total transformation! The growing pains are also a thing of the past, and her whole family now visit me on a regular basis for maintenance visits.

A man in his mid-forties came to me having been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, and surgery was suggested. He decided to try Body Stress Release first, and the feeling has now almost fully returned to his hand and fingers. He is relieved that surgery will no longer be necessary.

A young lady found my website on the internet, and came to me complaining of a “potato” in her throat. She was taking medication as she was struggling to swallow. After receiving Body Stress Release, the feeling in her throat disappeared, and she was able to discontinue with her medication.

A 24-year old woman came to me suffering from a painful neck. On her third visit she mentioned that she had been suffering with diarrhoea for many years, and for the first time in her life she now knew what it felt like to have normal bowel movements!

A lady was referred to me suffering with chronic headaches, she described them as four different types of headaches and had come to depend heavily on a daily intake of codeine to help her get through every day. I’m delighted to report that as she continues with her BSR sessions on a regular basis, her headaches are much improved, and she doesn’t feel the need to carry pain-killers with her at all times. It has taken her a great deal of courage and determination to progress this far, and these days if she feels the need, may take a lighter and more moderate headache tablet. She is progressing well, and I feel honoured to be walking this journey with her …

I introduced a keen golfer and friend in his fifties to Body Stress Release as he was struggling with a painful shoulder. He reports back that his shoulder has improved greatly, and he doesn’t feel the need to come back for follow-up sessions.

A gold-medal cyclist in her late sixties cracked her skull and ribs when a pedestrian stepped into her path whilst her and her group were training, and she was flung over her handle-bars. Being a self-proclaimed “endorphin junkie”, she fell into a deep depression as she was told she could no longer exercise or even drive after the accident, and she was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance. Her comments after attending to her during my apprenticeship were: “Your treatment has been so beneficial in my case as it has been to my gain and much appreciated!”.

A lady in her late forties has advised that the scoliosis in her lower back has improved since experiencing Body Stress Release on a regular basis.

A five-year-old little boy was brought to me with enuresis (bed-wetting). He hadn’t had a dry night in 5 years and still had to wear disposable diapers. His mom was pleased to report when they arrived for his fourth BSR session, that he was starting to experience dry nights.

An Austrian gentleman in his late fifties was delighted when he experienced the best sleep ever in years after his very first BSR session!

A mother of a 14-year-old son made an appointment for him to see me as he was complaining of painful ankles which was hindering his love for sport. After only one session, he has reported that the pains have disappeared.

A retired homeopath in her seventies was eager to try Body Stress Release as she feared having to give up driving as she was losing feeling in her legs and feet. She is a regular visitor now and has blossomed with my attention. She is also delighted that she can continue driving. Her daughter is also a client of mine and comments: “Thank you for your assistance with my health – I doubt I’ll ever go to a GP again. THANK YOU for doing what you do and being so special Kathy, Mom thinks you’re just the best, and says you radiate LOVE. I agree.”

I am currently working with a 8-year-old little girl who was in an armed robbery two years ago. Despite many attempts at therapy, her grandmother reports that she is “bouncing off the walls” and suffers from anxiety. She yawns continuously after her sessions which I explain as healing taking place as it requires energy. I look forward to her third session and feed-back from her family.

A young lady was referred to me by a local GP struggling with chronic headaches as a result of being hit on the head by a cricket bat many years ago. She returned for her third session to gratefully report that she hadn’t had to resort to her three painkillers per day since the 2nd session! She is adamant that she wants to continue to have BSR every fortnight to assist her in managing her stress levels and questions why her GP hadn’t told her about Body Stress Release sooner!

A pregnant lady smiled from ear to ear when she stepped off the Body Stress Release couch remarking that she felt SO much lighter, and didn’t “feel” cumbersome and pregnant any more! She eagerly returned for her follow-up session!

I received a postcard from Medugorje from my clients, an elderly couple who were overseas on a much anticipated holiday. They returned elated at the fact that they had managed all the extensive traveling, especially all the walking necessary at scenic spots without effort. The card read “with heartfelt thanks for your healing power”

An avid cyclist came for Body Stress Release suffering with chronic lower back ache, he returned for a follow-up session exclaiming that “there has been a 300% improvement!!” He was indeed surprised – yet elated!

An 8 year-old suffering with Crohn’s Disease and arthritis practically fell asleep during the first session as lines of tension in his body were released he exclaimed as he came off the BSR couch: “I feel like a new boy!” His mother has noticed that he appears much calmer after the BSR sessions and now with a regular maintenance programme in place, we are hopeful that this gentle, non-invasive technique will assist the little man in managing his pain. Further feed-back received from his Mom: “My son seems to be doing a lot better. At his last check up yesterday his swollen joint count has dropped from 14 to 7, and his tender joint count from 16 to 8, so its improved by 50%! We’re going to move him to the injectable methotrexate which is better tolerated and more effective, so holding thumbs we’ve turned the corner!” Update: 17 Nov 2014 After constant BSR over 36 sessions, this young boy who is now 10 years old bounded into my practice room to announce that his specialist had pronounced that he was now ‘arthritis free”. Overwhelmingly excellent news!!

A scholar of 15 years excelling in underwater hockey and fencing was brought to me complaining of painful knees which she experienced after a long hike on a school camp. After three BSR sessions her mother has advised that this young lady is pain free. I have recommended that she re-visit my practice for a maintenance session in three month’s time to prevent an overload of body stress becoming locked in once again.

“I just want to thank you for being there for me. I had that shoulder pain for 1 week. It felt like an arthritis pain. I thank God for sending you into my life. I am very grateful. That pain has completely disappeared. It felt like it will never go away. Thanks for the emotional and physical support. Very very grateful.”

“Unbelievable” was the comment from a very grateful lady who returned for her second session pain-free. She had been referred to me by her homeopathic doctor as she was experiencing pain all over her body, especially tension in her head. She had tried Body Stress Release as a last resort, as she had run out of options. She had come to experience first-hand how pain in life can steal our joy in living.

A young man in his mid-twenties came to see me on referral from his GP suffering from daily headaches over a number of years. I was initially shocked to hear that he was ingesting between 10 – 20 painkillers a day in order for him to try and lead a normal life. After 3 releases he was proud to advise that he had taken my advice and made some life-style changes, was following a programme to stop smoking, and stopped wearing a very heady frangrance which may have contributed towards chemical stress in his body, and was not only requiring 1 – 2 painkillers a day. I complimented him on taking responsibility for his own health and encouraged him to continue with maintenance BSR sessions.

A dear BSR colleague and Mentor who has been practicing BSR for over 25 years reminded me that with regards to clients undergoing chemotherapy that “The joy of BSR is the pure release and relief from any possible stressor. Providing, in this case, much needed comfort and intuitive caring is priceless. Treasure these clients … they are the ones with the most valuable life lessons for us.”

As BSR practitioners, we also enjoy the benefit of regular maintenance releases, and delight in visits from fellow colleagues and the opportunity to ‘swap’ releases. One such gentleman, and avid cyclist arrived at my practice recently complaining of ankle pain as a result of taking a tumble off off his mountain bike over the holiday season. I received this message from him after his release: “Thank you – the pain in my ankle when I depress the clutch is gone – Wow!” and later “Done quite a bit of driving today and still no pain!”. We never cease to be awe of the awesome healing abilities of the human body!

Feed-back from clients, adults and children over the years that brought a smile to my face:

“I feel so much lighter, I feel like smiling” (A gent who managed to fit in a few releases before imigrating to Kuwait)

“I feel like spaghetti” (from a child)

“Mommy, when can I see the ‘floppy feet’ lady again?” (a young 4 year old who told his Mother that he needed to see a doctor) We find that generally children have a sense of knowing when they are due for a maintenance session again

“Unbelievable” (From a lady who was pain free for the first time in years)


“I feel light and free” (comments from a number of children)

“A little miracle” (A young man who could barely walk from severe lower back pain as a result of a water-skiing accident)

“I feel wonderful!”

“I feel like a million dollars”! (Comment from a woman after her first release who could barely walk when she first arrived)

“What a wonderful experiencing” (6 year old)

“I feel like a new person!” (43 year old)

“God Bless you and give you life” (77 year old African Grandmother after her first BSR session)

A sincere Thank You goes to all those folk who have crossed my path as a Body Stress Release practitioner so far, and have enthusiastically shared their individual success stories with me and to those who have taken the time to contribute to my Testimonials Page. It has been a privilege to attend to you all!

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