Christa Gericke – Centurion – (Aug 2015)

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I had tried everything!

I was very uncertain when a friend told me about her experience after going for Body Stress Release. I am a child of God and didn’t know if it was the right thing to do – there are so many methods around that could conflict with my faith!

My friend and I were having breakfast together and I told her about the intense and unbearable pain I experienced at night in my lower back, upper leg, and both lower legs. I am a teacher and I have to stand for most of the day and it caused my legs to become numb and I constantly experienced pins and needles in my feet.

My friend is very open minded and immediately told me about Body Stress Release and Kathy Heapy, her practitioner and what a very gentle and kind lady she is.

Because I had tried everything eg painkillers, massages and at that point in time had also been for x-rays right down from the neck to my lower back, including an MRI. The doctor didn’t know at that stage, where and what the problem was.

After deciding to go to Kathy, she explained what BSR is and really made me feel very relaxed. After the first session I felt good when I left, but wasn’t completely sure about everything … with the second consultation I became very emotional and then she explained to me how our bodies respond to all the stress, past and present day. I couldn’t believe how deep the emotions were that surfaced. After the third session I barely felt any difference, but continued to feel good and very positive.

I went to the neurologist and then to the neurosurgeon because the pain was still unbearable at night … but still believed in the process of BSR.

After my fourth session I woke up one morning and was astounded that I hadn’t woken up at night with pain! I thought I was dreaming but realised that the pain was all gone!

It has been 2 weeks now that I didn’t have pain, or even a memory of the pain – anywhere.

I am so thankful, so excited – and so very blessed!

Thank you Kathy Heapy – thank you for your kindness and wonderful healing hands!

Christa Gericke – Centurion – (Aug 2015)

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