Gratitude May 2013

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I have been blessed in my life in that I have enjoyed relative health and did not suffer from pain of any sort, including routine headaches which seemed to plague all my friends. So I was distraught when, having had a bad fall on a slippery floor, I developed a pain in my hip that would not abate. I tried to suck it up and get on with it, but found myself resorting to pain medication, and decided to visit my dear friend Kathy to see if she could help. I felt relief after the first session, but my healing process did throw me a curved ball when the knee opposite the injured hip started aching in response to the compensation of body weight when I moved. I really at that stage thought I was done for, as normal activities like climbing stairs and getting in and out of a bath were presenting serious challenges! I decided to persevere with my BSR treatments, and had a miracle moment when, having hobbled into Kathy’s practice room, she tried a new treatment on my terribly painful knee which seemed to work instantly and restored my mobility! I was really amazed and very, very grateful. Two months down the line the pain in my hip is fading with every session, and I will continue having sessions until it has gone. I will then keep coming back for maintenance. The whole experience has given me a new understanding of people in pain, and I am really thankful for Kathy and the gentle, non-invasive BSR treatment that has helped me so much. Keep it up, Kath, you are really making a difference and I am so proud of you!

Ursula James (May 2013)

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