How Body Stress Release has helped my headaches Apr 2011

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How Body Stress Release has helped my headaches

After being a chronic headache sufferer from my early teens, I have tried every potion, pill, diet, dos and don’ts in an attempt to try and get some relief. Kathy was recommended to me and I went along – desperate for anything that could possible just aid a little bit.

After one visit my body started to react and although I am still in the process of receiving BSR releases, my headaches are a quarter of what they used to be. The intensity of my headaches has eased and I find that now a much milder pain killer is able to do the trick, whereas before not even the strong medication was having an effect.

BSR has offered me hope where so many others have failed. I will continue to receive BSR and am convinced that I will eventually beat these headaches.

Thank you Kathy for you kind heart, and generous spirit!

Claire (April 2011)

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