I can honestly endorse Body Stress Release (BSR) May 2014

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I can honestly endorse Body Stress Release (BSR)

After the closure of my business in 2009, I started doing Handyman work for a living. Having never done physical work on a full-time basis before, and being 50 years old at the time, I obviously took some strain. Suddenly I was much more physically active, carrying heavy toolboxes and materials, climbing up and down ladders, working in awkward positions (and places), loading and offloading materials etc – all the while putting my body through some painful encounters …

The result was that with time, my health started suffering, most significantly I developed problems with my back. In hindsight, I was probably also aggravating some old injuries due to 2 motorcycle accidents, my time in the military etc.

In recent months, my back problem has worsened to the point that physical work is no longer an option for me.

Then, a few weeks ago, Kathy Heapy, the local Body Stress Release practitioner in Midrand suggested that I give BSR a try. Not being familiar with complementary health services, I was cautiously sceptical …

Well, I’m pleased to report that it was worth it. Kathy scheduled 3 appointments for me over a period of approximately 10 days.

The sessions can only be described as “gentle”. No jerking or erratic movements of the spine or neck, no massaging or pummeling of muscles etc; just gentle releasing by hand on lines of tension along the spine and neck area. It wasn’t even necessary to change or remove any clothing.

The 1st session was on a Friday afternoon, I left relaxed and actually felt quite tired. Kathy also loaned me the BSR book written by Dr Gail Meggersee that explained in detail how BSR worked – by restoring nerve communication in the body which essentially stimulates our body’s built in ability to heal, regenerate and maintain itself, much like the immune system fighting a cold or the flu, or a cut or bruise being healed by the body’s ability to do so.

The book cautioned that different people would initially react differently to the sessions. My 1st session went off smoothly, with no significant after effects.

However, the 2nd session (3 days later) was entirely different in my case. Although the same gentle treatment took place, the next day I was a wreck! It felt like I had been ridden over by a truck – my back had all sorts of aches and pains. This however disappeared after the 2nd day.

My 3rd treatment was a week later, and this had no significant after effects.


Although my back hasn’t recovered completely yet, it has been a lot better since receiving Body Stress Release.

What has however been extremely interesting, is that I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the following 3 areas:-

1 Digestive System

Going back to my childhood, I can remember always having had a weak digestive system, constantly fluctuating from one extreme to the other. Since having my 1st BSR session, the functioning of my digestive system has been completely normal. And is still so – almost 3 weeks later, I cannot remember when last I had an extended period of health in this area.

2 Restless Legs

Restless legs is a well documented condition that can best described as the “twitching” of the leg muscles at night – greatly interfering with sleep. I have suffered with this condition in the last 3 – 4 years. Again, this has not occurred like it did before, significantly since my 1st BSR treatment.

3 Insomnia

In recent years I would toss and turn a lot at night, getting out of bed on average 3 – 5 times per night. Since receiving BSR I am sleeping a whole lot better, often sleeping through without getting up at all in the night.

I can honestly endorse Body Stress Release (BSR). There are BSR practices worldwide and I would recommend it to anyone with persistent back pain, injury or related health problems.

Kathy Heapy works from the Carlswald Health Centre in Midrand, and can be contacted via her website – www.bodystress.co.za

Steve Stapelberg – Hello Midrand (21 May



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