My Body Felt Rejuvenated! Oct 2014

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My Body Felt Rejuvenated!

After my first BSR session with Kathy she asked me, well how do you feel? And my answer was “I feel like smiling”.
It was my wife that suggested that I visit Kathy after one of her friends mentioned the Body Stress Release technique. At first I was skeptical but after a few sessions I became convinced that it works – at least for me I found great benefit. In particular was my relief from jet lag from my US trip. Usually the jet lag lasts for about a week. I visited Kathy a day after arriving home and the following day my jet lag was gone – I thought that was amazing! I also found relief from my lower back pain, I was experiencing pins and needles and this has subsided completely and another very interesting fact is that during the healing process I never had the need to take any supplements. My body felt rejuvenated! Body Stress Release offers a great option to current medical treatments. I was able to find real success in it and would definitely recommend it!

Sameer – Kuwait (Oct 2014)

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