My BSR experience Dec 2012

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My BSR experience

For a long time now I have had a problem with my right hip going out of alignment. Earlier this year I developed a ‘sore spot’, with inflammation, just beneath the right side of my Caesar scar, which is now 5 yrs old. Off I went to the doctors and was directed to having a sonar scan. The outcome was that it was just some internal bruising. After a while I made a connection between my hips being out of alignment and the bruise being present.

When Kathy started up her practice down I decided to give BSR a try.

The first release was simple, with such a light touch. I went away wondering if I was going to get anything out of this, but I was committed to 3 releases on days 1, 4 & 11. On arriving home I felt rather tired, I just wanted to take a nap. Later that afternoon I felt like I wanted to be left alone just to be quiet. I also had quite a bit more pain in my bruised area.

After just two releases and 12 days after my first release, I woke up feeling that the bruise was not there. On climbing out of the shower I thought I’d just make sure I was pressing in the right place (remember it was beneath the right side of my Caesar scar). I looked down for the end of the scar to press and be sure the bruise was truly gone, only to discover that the raised ridge of my scar was gone!!!

I have come to realise the importance of regular maintenance visits as the body goes through various adaptations, that this is a process, and not waiting too long in between releases. I will definitely continue this process.

Thank you Kathy for the loving, gentle way in which you serve.”

Janine (December 2010)

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