My BSR Testimonial Sep 2012

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My BSR Testimonial

I have had 2 neck operations 4 years ago, 6 months apart from each other, collapsed nerves on disks C5,6 & 7 and a steel plate put in my neck, so I have had to really cut back on gyming and outdoor activities which I love and no more horse riding too. On 8 June 2012 I had fell down some stairs at home and lost my footing and bashed my left arm and elbow against the wall and pulled my neck out quite badly, my elbow wasn’t that sore just a bit bruised, I then went for some Physio on my neck and arm. About 2 weeks after that I started getting terrible pins and needles in my arm and my pinkie and ring finger were totally numb, this carried on for about 6 weeks and the pain was excruciating to say the least, shocks and spasms in my arm and hand that I could not sleep or even drive properly and I had tried every pain killer and more Physio and nothing was helping, I even thought I had maybe cracked my elbow, but if so it should have healed by this time. I stated going for BSR with Kathy but after 2 weeks she advised that I should go for x-rays, which I did and all fine there, but I also saw my neuro surgeon who did my neck ops, he then sent me to another neuro surgeon and did nerve tests on my hand, arm and elbow and they found that I had a trapped nerve in my elbow and needed surgery ASAP to release the nerve, the earliest they could take me was in 4 weeks’ time, which I then booked. I told Kathy and really did not want to go through surgery again, but I was in so much pain I didn’t know what else to do, so we decided together that I would commit myself twice a week to see Kathy for BSR for 4 weeks and then decide about the surgery. After 3½ weeks of total dedication to BSR and no gym and just listening to my body and going through the motions, the feeling in my fingers returned to normal and the spasms lessened too. I was sleeping better and driving was fine, I even started light gym training. This was so stunning and amazing, I then cancelled my surgery and it is now 3 weeks after BSR and the pins and needles I only have maybe once a day and I am back to my normal 5 day a week gym routine, on the treadmill and circuit training and lots of stretching. Feeling wonderful. I have been recommending BSR to everyone I meet and my friends and family, but one has to be very dedicated and have a good mind-set and we must listen and be kind to our bodies.
Thanks Kathy my darling friend…xxx

Lee-Anne (Sept 2012)

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