Peripheral Vascular and Nerve Problems Feb 2015

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Peripheral Vascular and Nerve Problems

Four years ago, at the age of 79, I was involved in a serious car accident. This caused paralysis of my left leg (which was badly broken) and nerves to be compressed in my lower back. I also experienced constant discomfort in the form of pressure on my bladder.

When I started seeing Kathy three years ago I had progressed to walking with the aid of walking sticks but had great difficulty in sitting. I had to sit leaning sideways. Every night I suffered intense pain in the soles of my feet and in my heels, probably as a result of peripheral vascular and nerve problems.

I can witness to dramatic improvement in the following areas as a result of receiving Body Stress Release by Kathy: For a number of months now I have suffered no pain in my soles and heels at night. I can sit in a normal, upright position (though not for an extended period of time) and the bladder discomfort has considerably improved. My quality of life has taken an upward turn.

Anna Pienaar (Feb 2015)

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