Relief At Last! Nov 2012

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Relief At Last!

I am a Farrier by trade and I have lived with chronic back pain for the better part of 10 years.

It has got progressively worse until around 2 months ago when it was so debilitating I was unable to work at all. I went to see my Chiropractor for 5 sessions he manipulated me as well as needled my back but there was no improvement whatsoever. I went to a Physiotherapist who told me the problem was not muscular, I was at my wits end faced with the prospect of being unable to continue working. Per chance I mentioned my predicament to a good friend of mine, Jonathan Trethewey and he told me of a lady by the name of Kathy Heapy who had got him back to work after a motorcycle accident, and so I was introduced to Kathy and BSR. Kathy is a wonderful compassionate woman who immediately put me at ease and explained BSR to me, after the first session I was a bit sceptical as I was used to the rough and often painful treatments at the hands of other therapists. The very next day I was back at work, after not being able to work for the past 2 weeks, there was some discomfort still but nothing compared to the debilitating pain I had experienced. I followed Kathy’s recommendations and saw her once a week for the first month, doing the stomach exercises she gave me and each week there was further improvement. I am now 3 months down the line and only seeing Kathy once a month for maintenance and I am feeling wonderful.

Derek Andersen (Nov 2012)

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