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I had tried everything!

I was very uncertain when a friend told me about her experience after going for Body Stress Release. I am a child of God and didn’t know if it was the right thing to do – there are so many methods around that could conflict with my faith!

My friend and I were having breakfast together and I told her about the intense and unbearable pain I experienced at night in my lower back, upper leg, and both lower legs. I am a teacher and I have to stand for most of the day and it caused my legs to become numb and I constantly experienced pins and needles in my feet.

My friend is very open minded and immediately told me about Body Stress Release and Kathy Heapy, her practitioner and what a very gentle and kind lady she is.

Because I had tried everything eg painkillers, massages and at that point in time had also been for x-rays right down from the neck to my lower back, including an MRI. The doctor didn’t know at that stage, where and what the problem was.

After deciding to go to Kathy, she explained what BSR is and really made me feel very relaxed. After the first session I felt good when I left, but wasn’t completely sure about everything … with the second consultation I became very emotional and then she explained to me how our bodies respond to all the stress, past and present day. I couldn’t believe how deep the emotions were that surfaced. After the third session I barely felt any difference, but continued to feel good and very positive.

I went to the neurologist and then to the neurosurgeon because the pain was still unbearable at night … but still believed in the process of BSR.

After my fourth session I woke up one morning and was astounded that I hadn’t woken up at night with pain! I thought I was dreaming but realised that the pain was all gone!

It has been 2 weeks now that I didn’t have pain, or even a memory of the pain – anywhere.

I am so thankful, so excited – and so very blessed!

Thank you Kathy Heapy – thank you for your kindness and wonderful healing hands!

Christa Gericke – Centurion

Testimonial from Gabriel Shalekoff (13 yrs)

Hi Kathy – as a Mom – I cannot believe the transformation in my son – Gabriel – since he completed his 3 sessions with you! Gabriel seems to be so much more at ease with himself – happy, more confident and much calmer. He is sleeping better and is much more energised – he even gets up before me in the mornings – makes his bed and has his breakfast without any nagging from me at all!! To be able to watch you work on Gabriel was such a privilege for me – and then to see the outcome…. Needless to say – not sure I would have believed that so much change was possible – if I had not seen it happen right before my eyes!! I have spoken to Gabriel and he asked if he could also write something which I could include into this testimonial … below are Gabriel’s words

‘Before I went to see Kathy – I felt sore (in my neck, shoulders and legs and also got ‘growing pains’ in my feet almost every day and especially at night). I didn’t really sleep right through the night and often had strange and scary dreams. I was struggling to concentrate and focus in class as well – and started falling behind in my class work. I was stressed about the mid-year that were coming up. My Mom took me to see if Kathy could help me. I was a bit freaked out that she was going to massage me! During my sessions with Kathy I felt my body relax and was very sleepy – especially after the first one. That night I had the best sleep ever and woke up feeling so full of energy and was so happy all day long. I also managed to work really hard in class – my teacher even asked me who I was and what I had done with Gabriel… After my second session – I had no more pain at all. My shoulders and neck were not stiff and the ‘growing pains’ were just gone. I also felt calmer about the exams and was able to focus and work really hard to catch up with all of the work I had fallen behind in. I studied really hard for my first exams over the weekend and didn’t even feel tired or get bored once! My final session was in the middle of the exams and really helped me to totally relax, focus and get through the work I needed to do. Even though I am still waiting for the results from these exams – I am sure I did much better than before!! I am still feeling calm and happy – with loads of energy. My appetite has gotten better too – I seem to eat every chance I get. I sleep much more peacefully at night and haven’t had even one scary dream in 10 days. It really is hard to describe – but I just feel better all round!’

Kathy – I have also included extracts from an email that I received from Gabriel’s teacher. It was written after his second session with you (this from a teacher who has taught (struggled with) Gabriel for the past 18 months!)…

The email’s title – “Positive news you WANT to hear’

Hi Sam, I thought I’d make your day! Gabriel finished his work in record amount of time in class today, and even asked for extra work….. He almost finished his second activity, then he asked if he could stay in break to finish it, WOW! I was taken by surprise! I gave him a chocolate as well as a sticker! I also handed in his project – BOTH the CD and advert. Then he was very proud to show me his ‘nuusberig’ and asked if he could do his speech first TODAY…. Wow! What an improvement!! Class Teacher (Crawford Prep)

Submitted by Sam de Goede

Cyclist Training for the Argus

“Morning Kath, bounced out of bed this morning, legs are 100’s, thank you!”

“Morning Kath, just done our last training ride, 90km, before Argus. Thank you, felt really good on the ride, back and shoulders relaxed, not stiff when I climbed off the bike”.

Greg Rowe, fellow BSR Practitioner

Peripheral Vascular and Nerve Problems

Four years ago, at the age of 79, I was involved in a serious car accident. This caused paralysis of my left leg (which was badly broken) and nerves to be compressed in my lower back. I also experienced constant discomfort in the form of pressure on my bladder.

When I started seeing Kathy three years ago I had progressed to walking with the aid of walking sticks but had great difficulty in sitting. I had to sit leaning sideways. Every night I suffered intense pain in the soles of my feet and in my heels, probably as a result of peripheral vascular and nerve problems.

I can witness to dramatic improvement in the following areas as a result of receiving Body Stress Release by Kathy: For a number of months now I have suffered no pain in my soles and heels at night. I can sit in a normal, upright position (though not for an extended period of time) and the bladder discomfort has considerably improved. My quality of life has taken an upward turn.

Anna Pienaar

Diagnosed with Spondylosis

I was referred to Kathy’s practice by a friend.

Ten years ago a neurosurgeon that I consulted said I have spondylosis in my neck with my discs deteriorating and that I may need surgery in the future.

I was really struggling with pain in my neck and my middle back. I went to Kathy for the first three sessions as part of the Intensive Phase and it helped tremendously.

I still find from time to time when I am under severe stress that I seem to battle with my neck, and then I go for a session and within a day I am completely pain free again.

I can really recommend BSR and especially Kathy’s practice.

Corrie – Midrand

Feed-back from a Mauritian client

One week now that I had the second session with you and wish to give you some feedback. I really feel more relax and my posture is much better and my rhythm has slows down which gives me the feeling of being “lighter” ! From the bowel side it is simply a blessing as I do not have any more pain and do not feel anything anymore. The neck is still a bit sore although much better leaving me more freedom in my movements. I will play golf to-morrow and hope to enjoy my game.

(Sadly this gentleman could only fit in two BSR sessions before returning to his home country but is planning on continuing with BSR on his annual visits to SA when he visits family).

B. Hardy – Mauritius

100% Pain Free!

I started BSR after a very serious water skiing accident where I compressed my lower spine. There was immediate relief and the day after the 3rd session I was completely pain free. I’ve had ongoing lower back issues for the last 6 – 7 years and after trying every available medical therapy, without real relief. I can honestly say that I am now 100% pain free and enjoying water skiing and wind surfing every week-end!

Thank you Kathy and BSR!

Julien Hardy

My Body Felt Rejuvenated!

After my first BSR session with Kathy she asked me, well how do you feel? And my answer was “I feel like smiling”.
It was my wife that suggested that I visit Kathy after one of her friends mentioned the Body Stress Release technique. At first I was skeptical but after a few sessions I became convinced that it works – at least for me I found great benefit. In particular was my relief from jet lag from my US trip. Usually the jet lag lasts for about a week. I visited Kathy a day after arriving home and the following day my jet lag was gone – I thought that was amazing! I also found relief from my lower back pain, I was experiencing pins and needles and this has subsided completely and another very interesting fact is that during the healing process I never had the need to take any supplements. My body felt rejuvenated! Body Stress Release offers a great option to current medical treatments. I was able to find real success in it and would definitely recommend it!

Sameer – Kuwait

A Huge Change!

I am a 39 year old female and was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease and degeneration of some vertebrae in my spine, about 4 years ago. Being constantly in pain, I was taking pain killers sometimes up to 4 times a day (the heavy stuff). Except for the back issues, I also got sinusitis constantly which would cause my voice to go away and sometimes it stayed away for 2 weeks. I was taking a handful of vitamins and supplements every morning, just to try and keep my immune system up. My GP referred me to Kathy for Body Stress Release as an option for the pain relief. I was a bit sceptic, but thought to give it a try anyway. I started going for Body Stress Release in February 2012 (Kathy please help here with the date, can’t remember). First had my first treatments and then kept on going back (and still am), once a month for my maintenance treatments. My back pain is almost non-existent, if I take pain pills once in 2 weeks it’s a lot. Except for the back pain, I have not gotten sick or lost my voice in over two years. My health has improved so drastically that even my boss (who I have been working for, for 11 years) noticed and asked me what I have been doing. Except for that, I do not take ANY supplements anymore, nothing, nada, zilch! BSR has made a HUGE change in my life. Not just the BSR, seeing Kathy every month has become my highlight for the month. She is a tremendously caring person. I would recommend BSR to anyone.

Andriëtte Ferreira, Midrand

Thank You!

Dear Kathy,

Firstly thank you so much for healing my daughter. The day I brought her to you immediately from school, she way crying, complaining of severe headaches whilst at school. Also had many sleepless nights. As a result she was always tired at school, neck pain, shoulders, headache and tired eyes. After coming to you she is completely healed. Sleeps through at night and is always bright and breezy the next morning. No complaints of body aches at all and in following the maintenance plan – she is doing very well. All thanks to you for healing her naturally with Body Stress Release.

On that note also thank you and Body Stress Release for the healing I have personally experienced. Thank you for unlocking my stored tension. I don’t have an achy body anymore. By following the maintenance programme I am feeling great!

Thanking you kindly.

Minoti Bhaga

I can honestly endorse Body Stress Release (BSR)

After the closure of my business in 2009, I started doing Handyman work for a living. Having never done physical work on a full-time basis before, and being 50 years old at the time, I obviously took some strain. Suddenly I was much more physically active, carrying heavy toolboxes and materials, climbing up and down ladders, working in awkward positions (and places), loading and offloading materials etc – all the while putting my body through some painful encounters …

The result was that with time, my health started suffering, most significantly I developed problems with my back. In hindsight, I was probably also aggravating some old injuries due to 2 motorcycle accidents, my time in the military etc.

In recent months, my back problem has worsened to the point that physical work is no longer an option for me.

Then, a few weeks ago, Kathy Heapy, the local Body Stress Release practitioner in Midrand suggested that I give BSR a try. Not being familiar with complementary health services, I was cautiously sceptical …

Well, I’m pleased to report that it was worth it. Kathy scheduled 3 appointments for me over a period of approximately 10 days.

The sessions can only be described as “gentle”. No jerking or erratic movements of the spine or neck, no massaging or pummeling of muscles etc; just gentle releasing by hand on lines of tension along the spine and neck area. It wasn’t even necessary to change or remove any clothing.

The 1st session was on a Friday afternoon, I left relaxed and actually felt quite tired. Kathy also loaned me the BSR book written by Dr Gail Meggersee that explained in detail how BSR worked – by restoring nerve communication in the body which essentially stimulates our body’s built in ability to heal, regenerate and maintain itself, much like the immune system fighting a cold or the flu, or a cut or bruise being healed by the body’s ability to do so.

The book cautioned that different people would initially react differently to the sessions. My 1st session went off smoothly, with no significant after effects.

However, the 2nd session (3 days later) was entirely different in my case. Although the same gentle treatment took place, the next day I was a wreck! It felt like I had been ridden over by a truck – my back had all sorts of aches and pains. This however disappeared after the 2nd day.

My 3rd treatment was a week later, and this had no significant after effects.


Although my back hasn’t recovered completely yet, it has been a lot better since receiving Body Stress Release.

What has however been extremely interesting, is that I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the following 3 areas:-

1 Digestive System

Going back to my childhood, I can remember always having had a weak digestive system, constantly fluctuating from one extreme to the other. Since having my 1st BSR session, the functioning of my digestive system has been completely normal. And is still so – almost 3 weeks later, I cannot remember when last I had an extended period of health in this area.

2 Restless Legs

Restless legs is a well documented condition that can best described as the “twitching” of the leg muscles at night – greatly interfering with sleep. I have suffered with this condition in the last 3 – 4 years. Again, this has not occurred like it did before, significantly since my 1st BSR treatment.

3 Insomnia

In recent years I would toss and turn a lot at night, getting out of bed on average 3 – 5 times per night. Since receiving BSR I am sleeping a whole lot better, often sleeping through without getting up at all in the night.

I can honestly endorse Body Stress Release (BSR). There are BSR practices worldwide and I would recommend it to anyone with persistent back pain, injury or related health problems.

Kathy Heapy works from the Carlswald Health Centre in Midrand, and can be contacted via her website – www.bodystress.co.za

Steve Stapelberg – Hello Midrand

Thank you so much Kathy. Such an honour to know you. Much gratitude for your BSR which has helped manage my pain.

Taryn Gurr

What a difference!

My dear Kathy, a big thank you for the sessions so far, I can’t tell you what a difference they have made. After 3 motorcycle accidents my body took a bit of beating. My shoulders, arms and knees were in constant pain for many years. I would like to share that even combing a path was only possible if my right arm could support my left arm – today the left does it all by itself! For me to reach for anything higher than my head was an effort as of now my r/arm reaches almost full stretch, l/arm still getting there slowly. My left knee last felt ointment and a knee guard 7 months ago. I’m also walking with more freedom and purpose. To many, these little niggles may not seem significant – to me they are huge. So thank you Kathy! I look forward to my next maintenance session!

Richard James (69)

Sustainable Healing

I have suffered from lower backache and severe headaches for the past 12 years. Most times my back was too uncomfortable to allow me to stand at the sink to wash dishes in my house. I then injured my back during a weight training session at the gym and went to a physiotherapist to help as I could no longer sleep comfortably, sit or even walk upright.

It was not until my brother booked a session for me with Kathy for Body Stress Release that I got any relief. I was very sceptical at first but the change was almost immediate. After 4 sessions with Kathy I was booked on business trips stretching over 3 weeks to 4 different countries. During that time I spent a lot of time at airports lugging my suitcase, laptop and handbag around and I was amazed at the fact that I did not experience any back pain or headaches at all during this period or even afterwards when I came back home!

All I can say is that whatever Kathy does works better than any other therapy or medication that I have been prescribed and it is sustainable healing. I would recommend Body Stress Release to anyone regardless of whether they have body aches or not which I have started to do.

Joyce Setshogwe


Apart from the amazing Body Stress Release session, Kathy’s positive attitude in itself is healing. It’s an absolute pleasure visiting Kathy and even the trip from Pietermaritzburg is all worthwhile.

Thanks Kathy !!!

Ranjin Bharath


I have been blessed in my life in that I have enjoyed relative health and did not suffer from pain of any sort, including routine headaches which seemed to plague all my friends. So I was distraught when, having had a bad fall on a slippery floor, I developed a pain in my hip that would not abate. I tried to suck it up and get on with it, but found myself resorting to pain medication, and decided to visit my dear friend Kathy to see if she could help. I felt relief after the first session, but my healing process did throw me a curved ball when the knee opposite the injured hip started aching in response to the compensation of body weight when I moved. I really at that stage thought I was done for, as normal activities like climbing stairs and getting in and out of a bath were presenting serious challenges! I decided to persevere with my BSR treatments, and had a miracle moment when, having hobbled into Kathy’s practice room, she tried a new treatment on my terribly painful knee which seemed to work instantly and restored my mobility! I was really amazed and very, very grateful. Two months down the line the pain in my hip is fading with every session, and I will continue having sessions until it has gone. I will then keep coming back for maintenance. The whole experience has given me a new understanding of people in pain, and I am really thankful for Kathy and the gentle, non-invasive BSR treatment that has helped me so much. Keep it up, Kath, you are really making a difference and I am so proud of you!

Ursula James

A True Tonic!

I had searched for my angel network for ages and was first referred to BSR as a practice by my homeopath in March 2010; I was instantly convinced that the process works. You opened your practice in October 2010 and I had my first consultation with you not too long thereafter, initially because your location was convenient. Today I am exceptionally grateful that not only do I have the benefit of the technique, but your special touch too. Welcome to my Angel network Kathy. I swear by BSR, I’ve lived the benefits and I cherish our half hour of sacred time together when it happens. BSR with you is a joyous roller-coaster to be riding, where the good and bad is balanced and the end result priceless.

Carole Oberholster

Hope Restored

After my second born I experienced severe pain in both my feet, which made looking after my family very difficult. Seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon and four cortizone injections, two in each foot I had no relief from the pain and the only other option was an operation. One morning I went to see my GP with headaches that just did not want to go away – even with medication. She noticed that I was still walking with much difficulty and suggested I first try Body Stress Release before opting for surgery. So I did. I booked the recommended three sessions and after the first two my headaches were almost a thing of the past – after a few more sessions I could walk normally and take care of my family, like any young mother would like to do. Many thanks Kathy!

Lizette Stevens

Walking 100%, No Pain!

Hi all, this is just to take anyone’s doubts away. I went to Kathy in October as I had difficulty in walking – seemed like my leg was locked and had a lot of pain. After the first session I felt very tired. Within 2 days I felt no more pain on the leg and was walking much better. I must tell you that my option was always the chiropractor, but with Kathy this is such a gentle technique that you actually think nothing is going to get repaired, but you must believe and await the results. Well I have news for all of you, I did my 3 sessions and I feel great, lost 7 kilos while ate, friends who saw me when I could not walk could not believe how well I was and have actually gone there themselves and taken the whole family. To Kathy, “wishing you all the best and may many people have the faith that they will be well like I did”. Keep up the good work. By the way walking 100%, no pain. Best Regards

Maricel Pais

A Birthday Gift for Myself!

I was a bit sceptical when my GP referred me to go for Body Stress Release. I was in so much pain and didn’t believe that anything could help, I’d been on muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, sedatives, and nothing eased the pain in my neck, my shoulder, going all the way down my arm and into my leg. I decided I’d go see Kathy and then go back to my GP same day to ask for something stronger. I walked into Kathy’s practice room angry, frustrated and in pain. When I left, Kathy told me to go home, lie down and just take it easy. I was not convinced, I was going back to the GP, except while I was calling to get an appointment, I realised I was not in pain anymore, NOTHING, I was pain free and that was after my first session. I went back for my 2nd and 3rd sessions and the pain in my leg and arm has never come back. I don’t get sinus headaches anymore; my neck and shoulder still give me issues now and again, but not as bad as before I went to Kathy. I have more energy now and I’m not sure if it’s related, but I noticed I also started losing weight, which is something I’ve battled with. I’ve recommended BSR to my family, friends, and colleagues and still continue to tell people about Kathy everywhere I go. I even get asked if I get a marketing fee sometimes. This year, the first thing I did on my birthday, was start with a visit to Kathy! Thank you so much Kathy.

Naledi Diphapha

Transition from the Corporate Executive Suite to Living Life

Hi Kathy Thank you for playing a crucial part in my transition from the 12 – 15 hour highly pressured corporate job to a peaceful, fulfilling and significant lifestyle. Although I manage my own Fund in the financial markets I have absolutely no stress whatsoever. Although I came to see you under duress and giving in to pressure from Her Highness I had no more options to deal with the cramping knots in my shoulder. Hiking, fishing and riding our motorbike were no longer fun and I needed this resolved as I had quit my job to live a full life. The 3 sessions we did were absolutely magical, very simple, relaxed and almost deceptive in the ease with which you adjusted my body. I didn’t expect the association between lower back tension and the shoulder pain but well you made it easy to link work pressures to body storage of tension. SInce completing our sessions we have riden our motorbike to/ fro Mpumalanga, we have been hiking, we have been tiger fishing in Zambia and even after long days of activity there has been no ‘relapse’. I am truly appreciative and I am enjoying my new lifestyle

George Nyabadza

Relief At Last!

I am a Farrier by trade and I have lived with chronic back pain for the better part of 10 years.

It has got progressively worse until around 2 months ago when it was so debilitating I was unable to work at all. I went to see my Chiropractor for 5 sessions he manipulated me as well as needled my back but there was no improvement whatsoever. I went to a Physiotherapist who told me the problem was not muscular, I was at my wits end faced with the prospect of being unable to continue working. Per chance I mentioned my predicament to a good friend of mine, Jonathan Trethewey and he told me of a lady by the name of Kathy Heapy who had got him back to work after a motorcycle accident, and so I was introduced to Kathy and BSR. Kathy is a wonderful compassionate woman who immediately put me at ease and explained BSR to me, after the first session I was a bit sceptical as I was used to the rough and often painful treatments at the hands of other therapists. The very next day I was back at work, after not being able to work for the past 2 weeks, there was some discomfort still but nothing compared to the debilitating pain I had experienced. I followed Kathy’s recommendations and saw her once a week for the first month, doing the stomach exercises she gave me and each week there was further improvement. I am now 3 months down the line and only seeing Kathy once a month for maintenance and I am feeling wonderful.

Derek Andersen

It Works!

Many factors have made your success –

It does work! Your hard work and dedication and who you are – you are such a beautiful person and just visiting you in itself is healing and calming!


My Story

I’m Faith Burrows, I am 14 years old! I am a total horse mad person, I love riding horses and I work at the stables I work at. 5 years ago I fell off a horse, I hurt my knee pretty badly in the fall (but then I didn’t know how to ride). I left it, not actually knowing then that I had hurt my knee. Later on, about 3 years later my knee started hurting when I did certain sports like athletics and netball, the thing was I was a sprinter and I played on the A team for my age group for netball!! My gran had being going to a homeopath that introduced her to a lady called Mrs Heapy, who worked at the health centre and did Body Stress Release. My gran booked me for an appointment and I went. I found out I had a little bit of whiplash in my neck, I had stress in between the middle and lower part of my back, in my knee and in my feet. The session made me feel so sleepy after I was finished, I just wanted to sleep and my body was aching a bit. Kathy recommended 3 sessions. I found it has helped me SO much and the pain that I had in between the middle and lower part of my back is now gone. I still have to wear my knee guard when I play netball but other than that, everything feels so much better now that I’ve done the Body Stress Release and I encourage all of you to think about going for it as well!


Thank You

“Morning my Angel friend,

Thank you for everything that you did for Brooksby yesterday, he said this morning he feels like a million dollars, you are his God’s sent angel, nearly no pain in the face, walking better and feeling better, thank you thank you thank you

Love you lots and lots”


My BSR Testimonial

I have had 2 neck operations 4 years ago, 6 months apart from each other, collapsed nerves on disks C5,6 & 7 and a steel plate put in my neck, so I have had to really cut back on gyming and outdoor activities which I love and no more horse riding too. On 8 June 2012 I had fell down some stairs at home and lost my footing and bashed my left arm and elbow against the wall and pulled my neck out quite badly, my elbow wasn’t that sore just a bit bruised, I then went for some Physio on my neck and arm. About 2 weeks after that I started getting terrible pins and needles in my arm and my pinkie and ring finger were totally numb, this carried on for about 6 weeks and the pain was excruciating to say the least, shocks and spasms in my arm and hand that I could not sleep or even drive properly and I had tried every pain killer and more Physio and nothing was helping, I even thought I had maybe cracked my elbow, but if so it should have healed by this time. I stated going for BSR with Kathy but after 2 weeks she advised that I should go for x-rays, which I did and all fine there, but I also saw my neuro surgeon who did my neck ops, he then sent me to another neuro surgeon and did nerve tests on my hand, arm and elbow and they found that I had a trapped nerve in my elbow and needed surgery ASAP to release the nerve, the earliest they could take me was in 4 weeks’ time, which I then booked. I told Kathy and really did not want to go through surgery again, but I was in so much pain I didn’t know what else to do, so we decided together that I would commit myself twice a week to see Kathy for BSR for 4 weeks and then decide about the surgery. After 3½ weeks of total dedication to BSR and no gym and just listening to my body and going through the motions, the feeling in my fingers returned to normal and the spasms lessened too. I was sleeping better and driving was fine, I even started light gym training. This was so stunning and amazing, I then cancelled my surgery and it is now 3 weeks after BSR and the pins and needles I only have maybe once a day and I am back to my normal 5 day a week gym routine, on the treadmill and circuit training and lots of stretching. Feeling wonderful. I have been recommending BSR to everyone I meet and my friends and family, but one has to be very dedicated and have a good mind-set and we must listen and be kind to our bodies.
Thanks Kathy my darling friend…xxx


BSR Works

I had been living with back pain for the past 27 years. This pain prevented me from sitting up straight. Over that period, I developed the habit of slouching in a chair as a way of dealing with the back ache. In addition to a regular intake of painkillers, I was forced to go for massages at least twice a month.

After only three sessions of BSR, the pain disappeared. I’m now coping and able to handle much more stressful situations and activities without the fear that the back pain will be reappear. Many thanks to Kathy!!!!

Hawk Rakale

Pain Free

I am fifty-six years old. About ten years ago I was hit by a car and fractured my femur right at the top. I was left with 10% disability. Over the last eighteen months I had felt increasing pain in this area, difficulty in getting up, even turning over in bed. Pain killers and anti-inflammatories were not very effective.

I was invited to try Body Stress Release and with sceptisism went for three sessions. To my amazement I became pain free and mobile. And six months down the line I am functioning without impairment.

Whatever Kathy does, it works!!

Sharon Visser

Restless Legs Syndrome

After suffering with restless legs syndrome for 6 years, and after many consultations with my GP, x-rays, physio therapy and a neurologist, all to no avail but I was prescribed a muscle relaxant to take in the evenings in order to get some relief whilst sleeping. I was recommended to visit Kathy in order to obtain some relief. After one session I was able the first night to sleep without medication and after three sessions I seemed to have obtained total relief since I have not taken any drugs for three weeks and have no signs that the problem is recurring. It is my firm intention to visit Kathy upon my return to South Africa in the new year, if not for maintenance, to spend some time in her pleasant company.

Edie Green – France

Thank you Kathy

I went to see Kathy on recommendation from a friend at the beginning of 2011, after feeling that I had little or no energy to get through the day and after countless visits to the doctor and various blood tests that kept telling me I was ok- I wasn’t and I intuitively felt that my body was exhausted as a result of years of unrelenting stress from a hectic job in the corporate world. I had no expectations from BSR but I was so grateful that Kathy listened and seemed to ‘get’ what I was saying and how I was feeling- after 3 initial treatments/ sessions I felt a tremendous sense of release and my body felt like it was responding and returning to previous energy levels- what a relief. I have learned from my misguided past mistakes and thanks to Kathy and regular BSR treatments I am now learning to listen to my body and relieve built up stress by making regular visits. Thank you Kathy for the gentle and loving way in which you treat your ‘patients’- your kind mentoring and gentle healing approach has been such a blessing in my life! May many more people benefit from your practice!


What an experience!

By the stage I visited Kathy I was to my maximum stress limit with the major move in my life being to imigrate from South Africa to Australia. I had permanent back ache and ended up with a permanent spasm in my lower back. I immediately thought this was it… back to the surgeon for another back fusion! But, on a good recommendation from Dr Piediallu, I made a first stop for a BSR treatment with Kathy. What an experience – I walked out of her room without any spasm or back ache and after three treatments I was a good as new with the surgeon long forgotten… Honestly, forget about the back ache, I would not have been able to complete this major change with high levels of stress without going for these three treatments. The only sad part is that I could not take Kathy with me to Australia as I am sure I would have become a regular visitor. Highly recommended!!

Nicolette Barnard

How Body Stress Release has helped my headaches

After being a chronic headache sufferer from my early teens, I have tried every potion, pill, diet, dos and don’ts in an attempt to try and get some relief. Kathy was recommended to me and I went along – desperate for anything that could possible just aid a little bit.

After one visit my body started to react and although I am still in the process of receiving BSR releases, my headaches are a quarter of what they used to be. The intensity of my headaches has eased and I find that now a much milder pain killer is able to do the trick, whereas before not even the strong medication was having an effect.

BSR has offered me hope where so many others have failed. I will continue to receive BSR and am convinced that I will eventually beat these headaches.

Thank you Kathy for you kind heart, and generous spirit!



Like so many people, I periodically suffer from lower back pain – a symptom of our desk-bound lives spent hunched over a keyboard. Popping pain pills isn’t always the answer, so I’m off to try Body Stress Release (BSR). I make an appointment with Kathy Heapy, a qualified BSR practitioner, who I’m sure can release stress merely with her calm, kind presence. “BSR releases tension stored in the body,” Kathy explains. “It doesn’t diagnose or treat specific conditions, but it helps the body heal itself by locating and releasing locked-in tension.” She tells me the story of the founder of BSR, Ewald Meggersee, who suffered from serious back pain and temporary paralysis after falling out of a tree as a child. After training as a chemist and a chiropractor, Meggersee and his wife developed BSR by learning to read the body’s response to muscle stress. The release is done, to my relief, fully clothed – I lie down on the treatment table and Kathy gently prods and feels various tension points on my spine, shoulders and hips. It doesn’t hurt at all (it’s not a massage where knots get pummelled out by brute force!) and only takes about half an hour. By targeting these pressure points, Kathy can read my reflexes and pinpoint exactly where stress is located, in order for her to release it. Afterwards, I feel very relaxed and, in the following days, my body does feel less tense and pulled in on itself. BSR can be helpful for chronic headaches (which Kathy herself suffered from before getting into BSR) and pain and is so gentle that even babies and the very old may benefit from it. It’s recommended that you have at least three appointments to ensure proper stress release.

Christine van Deemter, Copy Editor, Destiny Magazine

My BSR experience

For a long time now I have had a problem with my right hip going out of alignment. Earlier this year I developed a ‘sore spot’, with inflammation, just beneath the right side of my Caesar scar, which is now 5 yrs old. Off I went to the doctors and was directed to having a sonar scan. The outcome was that it was just some internal bruising. After a while I made a connection between my hips being out of alignment and the bruise being present.

When Kathy started up her practice down I decided to give BSR a try.

The first release was simple, with such a light touch. I went away wondering if I was going to get anything out of this, but I was committed to 3 releases on days 1, 4 & 11. On arriving home I felt rather tired, I just wanted to take a nap. Later that afternoon I felt like I wanted to be left alone just to be quiet. I also had quite a bit more pain in my bruised area.

After just two releases and 12 days after my first release, I woke up feeling that the bruise was not there. On climbing out of the shower I thought I’d just make sure I was pressing in the right place (remember it was beneath the right side of my Caesar scar). I looked down for the end of the scar to press and be sure the bruise was truly gone, only to discover that the raised ridge of my scar was gone!!!

I have come to realise the importance of regular maintenance visits as the body goes through various adaptations, that this is a process, and not waiting too long in between releases. I will definitely continue this process.

Thank you Kathy for the loving, gentle way in which you serve.”


“Visiting Kathy for three sessions of BSR has really been very beneficial for me on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We forget that our entire nervous system resides in the spine, and this healing has left me with far more energy, my metabolic rate has definitely increased and I have also lost weight! What a bonus. My 15 year old daughter has also benefited from her sessions with Kathy. I highly recommend BSR, Kathy is fulfilling her purpose and her energy is contagious….”

Lesley McKnight

“May the Lord bless you abundantly and send clients to you to enjoy your positive attitude + approach, love and caring.”


“I wish to advise that Mrs. K. Heapy as a BSR Practitioner does and gives more than just the physical application and treatment to the body’s immediate need. She emanates sincere interest and concern mentally, and thus tunes into the healing quest to relieve the body’s stressed state. I was comfortably relieved and privileged to have been under her sure and positive treatment and enjoy the freedom today from that which inhibited my normal and active lifestyle!”

Mrs Cherry Viljoen
Southern Cape (September 2010)

“Congratulations on doing so well on the course. I appreciate the gentle and gracious presence you brought to the class. It was a pleasure to see you realising more and more what a capable, skilled person you are with your radiant spirit, you will be a blessing to your clients. I hope you have a happy homecoming and that everything flows smoothly into place for you. With our best wishes for your future”

Gail Meggersee Founder of Body Stress Release (September 2010)

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