Thank You! Jun 2014

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Thank You!

Dear Kathy,

Firstly thank you so much for healing my daughter. The day I brought her to you immediately from school, she way crying, complaining of severe headaches whilst at school. Also had many sleepless nights. As a result she was always tired at school, neck pain, shoulders, headache and tired eyes. After coming to you she is completely healed. Sleeps through at night and is always bright and breezy the next morning. No complaints of body aches at all and in following the maintenance plan – she is doing very well. All thanks to you for healing her naturally with Body Stress Release.

On that note also thank you and Body Stress Release for the healing I have personally experienced. Thank you for unlocking my stored tension. I don’t have an achy body anymore. By following the maintenance programme I am feeling great!

Thanking you kindly.

Minoti Bhaga (Jun 2014)

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