Thank you Kathy Jul 2011

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Thank you Kathy

I went to see Kathy on recommendation from a friend at the beginning of 2011, after feeling that I had little or no energy to get through the day and after countless visits to the doctor and various blood tests that kept telling me I was ok- I wasn’t and I intuitively felt that my body was exhausted as a result of years of unrelenting stress from a hectic job in the corporate world. I had no expectations from BSR but I was so grateful that Kathy listened and seemed to ‘get’ what I was saying and how I was feeling- after 3 initial treatments/ sessions I felt a tremendous sense of release and my body felt like it was responding and returning to previous energy levels- what a relief. I have learned from my misguided past mistakes and thanks to Kathy and regular BSR treatments I am now learning to listen to my body and relieve built up stress by making regular visits. Thank you Kathy for the gentle and loving way in which you treat your ‘patients’- your kind mentoring and gentle healing approach has been such a blessing in my life! May many more people benefit from your practice!

Shona (Jul 2011)

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