Transition from the Corporate Executive Suite to Living Life Nov 2012

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Transition from the Corporate Executive Suite to Living Life

Hi Kathy Thank you for playing a crucial part in my transition from the 12 – 15 hour highly pressured corporate job to a peaceful, fulfilling and significant lifestyle. Although I manage my own Fund in the financial markets I have absolutely no stress whatsoever. Although I came to see you under duress and giving in to pressure from Her Highness I had no more options to deal with the cramping knots in my shoulder. Hiking, fishing and riding our motorbike were no longer fun and I needed this resolved as I had quit my job to live a full life. The 3 sessions we did were absolutely magical, very simple, relaxed and almost deceptive in the ease with which you adjusted my body. I didn’t expect the association between lower back tension and the shoulder pain but well you made it easy to link work pressures to body storage of tension. SInce completing our sessions we have riden our motorbike to/ fro Mpumalanga, we have been hiking, we have been tiger fishing in Zambia and even after long days of activity there has been no ‘relapse’. I am truly appreciative and I am enjoying my new lifestyle

George Nyabadza (Nov 2012)

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