Walking 100%, No Pain! Dec 2012

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Walking 100%, No Pain!

Hi all, this is just to take anyone’s doubts away. I went to Kathy in October as I had difficulty in walking – seemed like my leg was locked and had a lot of pain. After the first session I felt very tired. Within 2 days I felt no more pain on the leg and was walking much better. I must tell you that my option was always the chiropractor, but with Kathy this is such a gentle technique that you actually think nothing is going to get repaired, but you must believe and await the results. Well I have news for all of you, I did my 3 sessions and I feel great, lost 7 kilos while ate, friends who saw me when I could not walk could not believe how well I was and have actually gone there themselves and taken the whole family. To Kathy, “wishing you all the best and may many people have the faith that they will be well like I did”. Keep up the good work. By the way walking 100%, no pain. Best Regards

Maricel Pais (Dec 2012)

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