What a difference! Feb 2014

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What a difference!

My dear Kathy, a big thank you for the sessions so far, I can’t tell you what a difference they have made. After 3 motorcycle accidents my body took a bit of beating. My shoulders, arms and knees were in constant pain for many years. I would like to share that even combing a path was only possible if my right arm could support my left arm – today the left does it all by itself! For me to reach for anything higher than my head was an effort as of now my r/arm reaches almost full stretch, l/arm still getting there slowly. My left knee last felt ointment and a knee guard 7 months ago. I’m also walking with more freedom and purpose. To many, these little niggles may not seem significant – to me they are huge. So thank you Kathy! I look forward to my next maintenance session!

Richard James (69) (Feb 2014)

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