What an experience! Jun 2011

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What an experience!

By the stage I visited Kathy I was to my maximum stress limit with the major move in my life being to imigrate from South Africa to Australia. I had permanent back ache and ended up with a permanent spasm in my lower back. I immediately thought this was it… back to the surgeon for another back fusion! But, on a good recommendation from Dr Piediallu, I made a first stop for a BSR treatment with Kathy. What an experience – I walked out of her room without any spasm or back ache and after three treatments I was a good as new with the surgeon long forgotten… Honestly, forget about the back ache, I would not have been able to complete this major change with high levels of stress without going for these three treatments. The only sad part is that I could not take Kathy with me to Australia as I am sure I would have become a regular visitor. Highly recommended!!

Nicolette Barnard (June 2011)

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